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❁ A diamond cut refers to the design or plans direct utilized when cutting & polish a diamond such as the brilliant-cut.

❁ The cut does not refer to shape (pear, oval, round, emerald), but the symmetry, proportioning, and cleanness of a diamond.

❁ The cut of a diamond incredibly influences a diamond's brilliance; this means in the event that it is cut ineffectivelyit'll be less glowing.


❁ Type of Diamond Cut Grades:
  • Ideal Cut:
    This type of cut reflects almost all the light that enters the diamond.
  • Excellent Cut:
    This cut reflects nearly as much as the ideal cut.
  • Very Good Cut:
    A great cut since it reflects most of the light that enters the diamond but is priced much lower than the excellent cut.
  • Good Cut:
    This cut reflects most of the light that enters the diamond but it will not have the sparkle and brilliance that the other cuts have.
  • Fair or Poor Cut:
    This cut will reflect a small portion of the light that enters the diamond, usually because the stone has been cut too deep or too shallow.


❁ As an expert, Ideal & Excellent cut diamond has the top characteristic to look out for when purchasing your diamond. Ideal cut diamonds are expensive - but they also get the best sparkle out of a diamond.

❁ If you have a budget concern then Excellent Cut & Very Good Cut is alternatively option of Ideal cut. Our all Moissanite Diamonds are Excellent Cut.